Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

“Continuous value based quality teacher education.”

Our Mission and Core Values

To provide knowledge, understanding and skills essential for quality teacher educators.

  • To develop Teacher Education for Excellence.
  • Pursuit of Knowledge and Perfectness.
  • Education for  development of the Teachers.
  • Zeal and devotion to Duty, Morality, Social responsibility, and Faith in God and Patriotism.
  • To assist teachers in understanding theories, principles, techniques and process of teaching-learning.
  • To help the trainees in understanding the child’s abilities, intelligence, aptitudes, emotion, instinct and interest.
  • To help trainees in organizing, supervising and participating in co-curricular activities for the proper assessment of both scholastic and non-scholastic domain.
  • Inculcating in them the naturalistic attitudes and encouraging them to cultivate some positive values.
  • Equipping them with such human qualities as honesty, sincerity, discipline, the sense of responsibility, the spirit of dedication, punctuality and the spirit of self-analysis which are required of a teacher entrusted with the responsibility of making worthy future citizens of the country.

Academic goals of the institute:

  • To prepare an efficient, reflective, enthusiastic, volatile, responsible future teacher for ever changing and ever growing society.
  • To prepare teacher, who may lead the society and inculcate the quality of leadership in the students.
  • To prepare teachers, who may clearly express their views on Policies, Principles and Problems of education and find out their solutions.
  • To prepare teachers who may impart education for an all-round development of the children.
  • To prepare teacher  to enable them to perform their functions as teacher in school effectively, to provide them with a forum, freedom and space to explore, experiment and try out new ideas, so that they gain professional confidence and competence through learning opportunities.
  • To impart qualitative teaching and to prepare the qualified teacher educators for nurturing National resources.
  • To develop the self discipline and introspective vision among the teacher educators to enhance their performances.