Contributions & Achievements

Contributions in the field of Education

New techniques & methods of teaching like e-learning, creative teaching & learning, inclusive learning, group based education etc. are adopted in the institution. Keeping pace with the global trend facilities like smart class, e-library, Net & Computers, OHP etc. are provided to the students. For all round development of the students the institute always incorporate value added activities, group discussions, presentations, students lecture etc. in the regular curriculum.

Equality whether gender related, cultural, economical, religious, or linguistic is an important Issue in education. To place everybody on equal footing, institute provide training and counselling with supportive techniques based on individual requirements. In the beginning of the session students also go through two days induction & orientation programme and aptitude test. The institution has remedial programmes for academically low achievers in the same way advance learners are encouraged to use internet for the studies of different topics, participate in extra curricular & co curricular activities and also help the slow learners. Social Activities – Like Blood donation programme, Literacy programme in slum areas, tree plantation, medical & dental checkups etc. are also conducted in the college to connect its students with the society. Extracurricular activities & games to help the students to boost up their confidence, creativity & competitive spirits. For enhancing the practical knowledge of student the institute also provide recreational facilities to the students by organizing visits to various places.

Awards and Recognition Received

  • Dr. Saba Akhlaq has been awarded Ph.D. degree in October 2019.